LAD/CLAD (Assigned Risk) Products

Many auto insurance companies are unfamiliar with the claims, service, and pricing complexities of dealing with Assigned Risk policies. Therefore, they trust AutoOne to
manage these policies on their behalf. AutoOne has skilled and experienced Assigned
Risk professionals who know the Assigned Risk business, providing the best possible
service to our policyholders, brokers, and LAD/CLAD clients.

Our many LAD/CLAD client companies have recognized that it is better to focus their limited management time, technical resources, and service personnel on growing their voluntary insurance business. By contracting with AutoOne, our LAD clients are able to:

  • Plan for the cost of their Assigned Risk business with confidence,
  • Avoid the complex processes and rules involved in handling Assigned Risk policies,
  • Re-deploy their time and people to growing their voluntary business, and
  • Gain access to Take-out credits in New York that can reduce their Assigned Risk costs even further.

Assigned Risk policyholders who are assigned to AutoOne receive quality service and claims handling. In addition, many of our policyholders become eligible for our Take-out Program, helping them exit the Assigned Risk Plan and reduce their automobile insurance rates. With
our strong foundation in the LAD servicing business, we are continually looking for new ways
to serve our existing and future clients and policyholders.

All AutoOne LAD/CLAD products are written through AutoOne Insurance Company.