Fighting Fraud
Insurance fraud is a crime that has penetrated all levels of society. Industry groups estimate the overall cost of insurance fraud exceeds $30 billion annually. We are committed to partnering the resources of our Special Investigations Units, Claims and Underwriting personnel to vigilantly combat all aspects of insurance fraud. Through our combined efforts with the insurance industry and law enforcement community, we have lead the fight against fraud.

We have developed and continue to implement specialized programs increasing the awareness of insurance fraud and its impact on insurance premiums. We have also established our own Fraud Fighter Hotline. If you know, or suspect someone has filed a fraudulent claim with our Company, call 1-866-252-4669, then dial extension "306".
Alternatively, you may also e-mail [email protected] or call NYS DFS directly to report fraud at 1-888-FRAUDNY.

We are dedicated to providing continued support to eradicate insurance fraud and to remain an industry leader in this important issue impacting each of us.

In this section, you will find valuable resources, literature and programs arming you, our customers, in the fight against insurance fraud.

  SIU Memberships and Training
  • Membership in the National Insurance Crime Bureau providing training and networking opportunities.
  • SIU Manager, Kevin O'Connor, represents Maidstone/AutoOne Insurance on the Board of Directors for the New York Alliance Against Insurance Fraud (NYAAIF).

  Fraud Statistics - statistics were provided by The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that insurance fraud costs each family $950 every year.

More than one third of people hurt in auto accidents exaggerate their injuries which adds up to $13-$18 billion of America’s annual insurance bill.

Auto insurers in New York pay out nearly twice as much in PIP claims as they collect in premiums.

The average PIP claim is $7,950 in New York State — 47 percent higher than the national average.

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